A StopGap is a bridge that will temporarily alleviate a problem. Organizations save obvious cost by not having an interim, but loss of efficiency and gaps in effectiveness have significant long-term costs.


A few reasons you might want to consider an interim manager:

– A senior staff member is taking a leave of absence for maternity or medical leave.

– The Board of Directors decides to offer an effective leader a much deserved sabbatical to encourage them to stay with the organization.

– The organization is going through a capital campaign or rapid expansion and another set of hands on deck for a few months will make a critical difference.

– A grant-funded program will end in the next 18 months, but someone needs to close out the contract and manage the reporting.

– The organization desperately needs help leading a specific function, but isn’t quite sure about the ideal hiring profile.

– An organization is expanding a service area or program and needs help with the launch.


Interim support is an affordable way to ensure that organizations are focused on mission fulfillment instead of playing whack-a-mole to cover critical operations. Let’s talk more about ways interim management can help your organization.