Sabbatical is typically unheard of outside of the academic setting. We tend to have expectations that any leave time allotted to a position is adequate. We assume that if leave time is not adequate that the employee is the problem.


The nonprofit sector is grueling. Expectations to constantly increase people served, dollars raised, and every other metric quickly override the need to take time to think intentionally about the direction of the organization. This relentless drive along with the emotional tax of daily confronting society’s most difficult issues will quickly turn an excellent employee from a passionate advocate to a burned out shell of their former self.


If you would be devastated to accept the resignation of a senior staff member or CEO, have you considered offering them a sabbatical?


Two to four months of disconnect may allow your valued employee to rekindle or retain the brilliant qualities that led to their hire and postpone the cost of hiring and onboarding a new person for several years. Studies suggest that hiring a new executive level employee can cost as much as twice the salary for the position. Can you afford not to offer sabbatical?


StopGap Solutions can help keep your organization running while your valued employees are out on sabbatical. We can step in to help you meet critical business objectives and provide support to your team on the ground so that the organization doesn’t miss a beat when the executive is on leave. Contact us for more information about developing a sabbatical policy or for assistance during sabbatical for a key employee.