Authentic, Creative, Enthusiastic, Diligent.

Meet Mary Dell.

Mary Dell is a true connector. With more than 15 years of experience working with nonprofits in healthcare, sexual trauma services and animal rescue, Mary Dell excels in building lasting relationships and integrating complex information into cohesive projects. Her passion for volunteer management, annual giving, and community engagement keeps her connecting dots for her clients. 

Mary Dell holds an MBA from  USC’s Moore School of Business and has aCertificate in Nonprofit Management from Winthrop University. She waswas recognized by the Columbia Regional Business Report as a 2017 Influential Woman in Business and in 2019 by the AFP Central South Carolina Chapter as Outstanding Fundraising Executive.

Optimizing Transitions | Expanding Opportunities.

StopGap Solutions.

You know what you need done, but you’re not quite sure of all the details. It StopGapexcels at developing flexible project plans for developing circumstances  that may require short-term and full-time help or be a longer term need on a part-time basis. Our team excels in transitional situations that helps to bridge, or stop the gap within an organization including project management, executive transition and development.


Contracting with StopGap Solutions will ensure the project is successfully executed without creating a human resources burden or capacity issue for the organization. We can help close out grant funded projects with fewer than 3 months left on the clock or start at the beginning of a multi-year commitment and see the opportunity through to success.


Most nonprofit organizations cannot afford a gap in leadership or key functions during a transitional period. StopGap can provide interim leadership allowing an organization to assess the real needs for a position before entering the hiring process, while providing regular reporting about the ongoing state of affairs. This ensures continued operations and provides assistance with the hiring and onboarding process. 


One of the most complex relationships in a nonprofit is between the Director of Development and Executive Director. This relationship is key to the financial success of the organization, but rarely is either party satisfied with how things are working. StopGap Solutions can play an intermediary role providing comprehensive supervision and coaching to development staff.




Your Cry For Help

Struggling at work will quickly crush your confidence and zap your energy. It's hard to succeed at anything when you are spread too thin. Whether your boss is a member of the C-Suite or is a Board of Directors, it takes guts to ask for help.   Asking for help can align priorities and clear obstacles. Your boss only benefits when you succeed.   Set aside ten minutes and reflect: - Where am I missing the mark? - If I had 5-10 extra hours a week for 3-6 months, what [...]

The Case for Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical is typically unheard of outside of the academic setting. We tend to have expectations that any leave time allotted to a position is adequate. We assume that if leave time is not adequate that the employee is the problem.   The nonprofit sector is grueling. Expectations to constantly increase people served, dollars raised, and every other metric quickly override the need to take time to think intentionally about the direction of the organization. This relentless drive along with the emotional tax of daily confronting society's most difficult issues will [...]

Navigating Transition

Leadership change brings uncertainty for all stakeholders of an organization. You wonder if the person is going to quit before they really quit. You wonder if they are going to set up a smooth passing of power. You usually don’t have a lot of runway time to prepare if the person is leaving for another job or if they asked to leave.   Most consultants will tell you to plan for transition and succession, but it’s hard to address the murky waters beyond a written transition plan and cross-training staff [...]



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