Let me guess. You have a running to do list. It hasn’t seen an end in more than a decade. Your priorities are constantly jumbling and everything is an emergency. Are you thinking about curling up under your desk to take a quick nap? How’s the stash in your emergency snack drawer? Should we start calling it a meal drawer because those snacks served as 9:00pm desk dinner quite a few times this month?


Technology hasn’t advanced yet to a point where you can temporarily add a third arm to manage your phone while you type. You can’t pause time or turn it back to get a few extra hours in the day. What gives?


You don’t have to handle it all by yourself.


We can help with the things that keep falling off your list. Important things like meeting with your nominating committee and helping them to diversify their profile of potential candidates.


We can go meet with your board members at their office and run through their list of contacts who may be interested in supporting your organization. We help with scheduling those appointments, making the ask, and ensuring the donor is appropriately thanked and recognized.


You’re saying right now, “That’s why I pay a development director. Why should I spend money on this?”


Exactly. That’s what you pay staff for, but is it really getting done? StopGap Solutions can help jumpstart these efforts. We have time to help build your board member’s confidence in making asks. We don’t want to work with you forever. We want to help you feel confident that your organization is best leveraging resources and put sustainable systems in place.


We want you to be present at home and enjoy a meal with your family. You can focus on the things you are really good at and enjoy when we alleviate some of these pain points.


This isn’t a shocking revelation. You already know it needs to be done. You know something has to give. Let’s talk about ways that we can help make your organization more effective.