I have never participated in Fantasy Football and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Not my area of expertise! Let’s twist this fantasy game on the nonprofit sector starting with boards. Whenever nonprofit leaders gather, there is always discussion about the board of directors. We like to know what’s working and what’s dysfunctional. Just for fun, let’s have a fantasy board member draft. Who do you want on your squad?


Since this is a fantasy, let’s take this all the way. This board is diverse AND inclusive to equitably represent the community we serve. All of these board members only serve on my board. Sharing is overrated.


1) A public relations executive from a local firm who enjoys fiddling with graphic design since they don’t get to do that as a part of their daily job any more.

2) An employment attorney who is moderately conservative when it comes to risk, but isn’t afraid to talk through all the options for personnel issues.

3) A CPA who can explain financial statements to laypeople and help us understand the story the financials represent.

4) A youngish corporate executive who is on the cusp of being a really big deal, but isn’t too busy or too cool for us yet.

5) A former client who believes in the organization and loves to share about our mission.

6) A human resources manager who loves to argue with the employment attorney about the balance between employee engagement and coddling the staff.

7) A retired person who has served on several boards of varying size, scope, and success. This person shares amazing cautionary tales, but isn’t stuck in their ways.

8) A person who is well respected for their experience with community organizing and knows all the right people who can get stuff done.

9) A serial entrepreneur who likes the scrappy start up life, likes to talk about creative revenue strategy, and thinks if you aren’t making some mistakes then you aren’t taking enough risk to actually lead change.

10) A political person who isn’t a politician. This person understands crisis management, legislative strategy, and has positive relationships with legislators from all walks of life. People don’t want to cross this person, but any conflict is not at the expense of effectiveness or long-term relationships.

11) Someone from the food and beverage industry who makes sure your events never serve rubber chicken and bland green beans.

12) A “have you thought about” person who keeps discussion lively and ensures the board never rubber stamps a decision.


Did I mention that all of these board members make a proud, personal contribution to our agency? And all of them participate in fundraising. We always have 100% attendance at all board meetings.


What did I miss? The rule is that you can only have 12 slots so if you would add someone different, you have to also share who you would delete.


Let’s talk more about how we can make your fantasy board a reality with focused attention on recruitment and engagement. StopGap Solutions would love to help execute your fantasy board draft.