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Navigating Transition

Leadership change brings uncertainty for all stakeholders of an organization. You wonder if the person is going to quit before they really quit. You wonder if they are going to set up a smooth passing of power. You usually don’t have a lot of runway time to prepare if the person is leaving for another [...]

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The Case for Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical is typically unheard of outside of the academic setting. We tend to have expectations that any leave time allotted to a position is adequate. We assume that if leave time is not adequate that the employee is the problem.   The nonprofit sector is grueling. Expectations to constantly increase people served, dollars raised, and [...]

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Your Cry For Help

Struggling at work will quickly crush your confidence and zap your energy. It's hard to succeed at anything when you are spread too thin. Whether your boss is a member of the C-Suite or is a Board of Directors, it takes guts to ask for help.   Asking for help can align priorities and clear [...]

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Isn’t this what I pay staff to do?

Let me guess. You have a running to do list. It hasn't seen an end in more than a decade. Your priorities are constantly jumbling and everything is an emergency. Are you thinking about curling up under your desk to take a quick nap? How's the stash in your emergency snack drawer? Should we start [...]

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Fantasy Board Draft

I have never participated in Fantasy Football and I don't see that changing any time soon. Not my area of expertise! Let's twist this fantasy game on the nonprofit sector starting with boards. Whenever nonprofit leaders gather, there is always discussion about the board of directors. We like to know what's working and what's dysfunctional. [...]

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Why should we hire interim help?

A StopGap is a bridge that will temporarily alleviate a problem. Organizations save obvious cost by not having an interim, but loss of efficiency and gaps in effectiveness have significant long-term costs.   A few reasons you might want to consider an interim manager: - A senior staff member is taking a leave of absence [...]

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